Life Insurance

Many radio and television advertisements lead you to think that by calling a toll free number you can buy your insurance cheaper than you can through a licensed agent or financial advisor. In reality, all products sold must be sold through licensed agents and no particular policy can be sold cheaper by one than another. At GFA we shop for the lowest cost term insurance or design a more comprehensive permanent life insurance plan.

Long Term Care Insurance

LTC insurance can play a big part in the quality of life you experience in retirement by supplementing your income from social security and other sources to pay these costs.

Many people look at the cost of comprehensive LTC Insurance and are discouraged by the cost of "total coverage". Often the best solution is to purchase just enough insurance to supplement your income and prevent you from having to liquidate your home and other assets.

Disability Insurance

If you are working, the most valuable asset you have is your ability to earn income. The chances of a long term disability prior to retirement are much greater than the chances of dying. If you do not have long term disability coverage through work, you should consider purchasing an individual policy.

Disability insurance is quite complex. Our experience helps you select the right coverages and our independence gives us the freedom to shop multiple carriers to find the coverage at the best possible rate.

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